Hi, I'm Kirby
I'm a Wedding Photographer for laidback, chilled couples.

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​I've consistently been creatively minded and had a love for the true, brazen type of connection between lovers. At the end of the day, I believe these true moments, even the smallest ones, are what mean the most.

Weddings are filled with these tiny moments and knowing that I am able to capture them, pause time and pass them onto you to be viewed forever means more than you could ever know.

I know we will chat soon, and I cannot wait to hear every single idea and all your plans for the big day.

I work closely with my couples to make sure I document all of the moments and people who are important to them on their wedding day. I stay away from staged and posed photos and films (excluding formal portraits) and instead capture the natural aesthetic of your special day, one you’ll always be excited to remember.

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