Camera Books

instant is  here baby!

Your Special Day on Camera...
from your guests perspective.

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Take a look at the following prices for all cameras & supplies.

Image by Mae Mu

Instax mini 11


$30 hire / camera

5-day hire

+$60 security deposit / camera

(refunded once returned in normal condition)

Image by Annie Spratt

Polaroid Film

All polaroids are in packs of 10.

1 - 5 packs | $14 ea

6 - 10 packs | $12 ea

11+ packs | $10 ea

Unopened & undamaged packs can be returned for a full refund.

Wedding Fun


$1 per polaroid


Return your polaroids with the cameras & have them digitally scanned so you can share them on social media!

Polaroids can then be returned for $8, free pick-up or discarded.

Photo Booth Van

Guest Book

Coming Soon


Guestbook Instructions

$10 Hire Fee

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Design 2.PNG
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Wedding Reception

Design One

Design Two

Design Three

Design Four

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I Spy Cards

A6 Flyer

$0.50 each

Outdoor Wedding
Wedding Desserts
Wedding Fun